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August Client Spotlight


1. What is your career and/or business?

In my day job I lead Operational Excellence for a Financial Services Technology company. My team focuses on business transformation and redesigning processes
to improve the client experience and deliver business efficiencies. My passion
outside of that is real estate. I’ve been investing in residential real estate for almost
twenty years

2. How do you set yourself apart from your competitors?

I recently began offering more creative housing offerings such as co-living. Co-living
is a more modern take on communal living that provides a private bedroom in a
furnished home with shared common areas. I differentiate myself from the
competition by continually reinventing myself and the products I offer.


3. What is your ideal client and/or investment

My ideal investment opportunity would be win-win. It would be one where I can invest in my community, providing unique affordable housing. I will be 
developing unique small communities that encourage strong relationships 
among neighbors.


4. How are you building a legacy for your family/loved ones?

I want to buy the block! I want to develop communities to enrich the lives of my friends, family and neighbors. The need for this will never go away and this will 
be the legacy I leave behind.

5. Can you share some words of encouragement for other individuals/business owners that are striving for financial security?

Don’t be afraid to fail. Take that first step. Learn from your mistakes and keep pushing forward. Don’t let failure paralyze you. Learn from it, adjust and push forward. 

6. Do you have a goal and/or vision you’d like to share?

My goal is to have the financial security to spend every hour of the day doing “what I love” versus “what I need to do”. 

August Webinar

Safety should always come first! Join us to learn responsible techniques when handling firearms at home and at the Range. During our webinar, J&G will feature an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor to make sure you can protect yourself. We’ll also tackle a very common mistake people make in their financial planning – Protecting their Income.  

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